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  1. ZFS performance on LUKS

    the setup

    The system being tested is a 15 drive raidz3 setup with 4TB drives running kernel 3.13.2 (non-hardened for testing).

    The encryption algorithm

    I was previously using cbc-essiv, this causes I found (via a simple scrub test) that it caused my performance to be about 10% lower …

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  2. Of ZFS and SELinux

    This patchset has been incuded in zfsonlinux, the selinux policy is still needed

    This continues my work in adding zfs to the list of filesystems that SELinux supports


    1. These patches are against git master (because 0.6.3 should be out 'soon').
    2. IANAL
    3. If you patch the kernel to …
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