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  1. Openstack Newton Update

    The short of it

    Openstack Newton was packaged early last week (when rc2 was still going on upstream) and the tags for the major projects were packaged the day they released (nova and the like).

    I've updated the openstack-meta package to 2016.2.9999 and would recommend people use that …

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  2. Of OpenStack and uwsgi

    Why use uwsgi

    Not all OpenStack services support uwsgi. However, in the Liberty timeframe it is supported as the primary way to run Keystone api services and recommended way of running Horizon (if you use it). Going forward other openstack services will be movnig to support it as well, for …

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  3. Creating Gentoo VM Images

    Initial Setup and Info

    This guide uses Openstack's Diskimage-builder tool for generation of images, while you can use this for Openstack, you can also create generic images with it.

    Setting up Diskimage-builder is fairly simple, when you use it, it does expect to be run as root.

    All you need …

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